TheTaming of the Shrew 2006

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set and Lighting Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

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Young and handsome Lucentio arrives in Padua accompanied by his trusty servant Tranio.  When Lucentio sees Bianca, the younger sister of Kate (our Shrew), her beauty distracts him from his desire to study philosophy.  Bianca’s father Baptista tells Gremio the old neighbour and flamboyant Hortensio, Bianca’s suitors, that she cannot be married before Katharina; until then only teachers will be allowed in her company.  Katharina’s headstrong behavior leaves her with no suitors (but with the choices available does she really want one?)  Rivals Gremio and Hortensio form a pact to find a wife for Katharina.  Lucentio decides he will pose as a teacher to meet Bianca and trades his clothes with Tranio to trick Baptista and gain access.  Petruchio arrives in town with his servants Grumio and (later) Biondello to visit Hortensio and to find a wife; as long as the woman is wealthy Pertuchio will be happy.  Petruchio hears about “Kate the Cursed” and takes up the challenge of wooing and wedding her.  All of the suitors arrive at Baptista’s to vie for position; Petruchio presents Licio (Hortensio in disguise) as a music teacher and Gremio presents Cambio (Lucentio in disguise) as a teacher of languages; Tranio, posing as Lucentio presents books and a musical instrument.  Petruchio negotiates a marriage deal with Baptista before he even meets Katharina.  Kate and Petruchio’s first meeting is quite sporting but she is not impressed with the pre-arranged contact.  Gremio and Tranio make their dowry bids for Bianca; Baptista sides with Tranio, as long as his father will make assurance of the outrageous sums offered.  We see both of Bianca’s teachers feign instruction while attempting to court her.  Petruchio arrives late on Kate’s wedding day, making her distraught.  He is dressed ridiculously but insists on going to the altar that way, much to everyone’s dismay.  Gremio describes the wedding, telling of Petruchio’s outrageous behavior.  Petruchio insists on taking Kate home before the wedding feast, she attempts to stay, but he sweeps her away much to the amazement of all.

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