The Tempest - An Online Reading Event

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Join us for an online reading of The Tempest by William Shakespeare in a modern verse translation by Kenneth Cavander directed by Yvette Nolan on Thursday, August 20th at 7:30pm CST/Saskatchewan time from the comfort of your living room.  13 cast members from Saskatchewan and across the country will read the play over Zoom broadcasting to Youtube and you can watch it all live! Many of these cast members were part of are original cast for The Tempest we had planned for our 2020 season until COVID 19 restrictions caused its indefinite postponement.  A recording of the event will be available until August 30th over our YouTube channel.

Why this version of The Tempest? Sometimes understanding Shakespeare is tricky - all those old English words and out of use expressions can get in the way of the story especially for someone new to Shakespearean language. With this in mind, Play On Shakespeare - a company out of Oregon - made it their mission to 'translate' the Shakespeare cannon. The story is the same, the characters are the same and most importantly - the majority of the LANGUAGE is the same - but the trickier bits have been updated so they land easier on the modern ear.

We hope you will join us from the safety of your home!  A HUGE thank you to Play On Shakespeare for funding this event.

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