The Tempest 2008

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set and Lighting Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

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Thunderclaps and raging seas capsize the King’s ship on the way home from his daughter’s wedding, leaving his men stranded on the shores of a desert island.  The storm is not the wrath of Mother Nature but conjured by Prospero.  Miranda, Prospero’s daughter, is concerned for the safety of the people on the ship, but he assures her that no one is injured and then tells her the story of how they came to the island twelve years earlier after his brother Antonio seized the Dukedom of Milan and set them adrift at sea.  Ariel, Prospero’s faithful spirit, created the storm to crash the ship and bring Antonio and the King of Naples safely to the island as part of Prospero’s plan.  Ariel hopes to soon be free from his service to Prospero, who rescued him from a magic curse upon his arrival to the island.  Caliban also serves Prospero but is a wretched man-beast, the son of the witch who cursed Ariel.  Caliban believes the island is his and does not want to gather wood or serve Prospero.  Ariel conjures Ferdinand, the Prince of Naples, toward Miranda: they fall in love at first sight.  Prospero is happy at the development but actsangry to slow their progress.  The King is depressed, believing his son drown in the storm, and his brother Sebastian makes him feel worse while mocking Gonzalo who is trying his best to cheer the King. Ariel arrives to charm the group to sleep as instructed by Prospero; Antonio and Sebastian remain awake and plot against the King. Antonio wants Sebastian to become the King and grant more power to him as the Duke of Milan.  Ariel returns to wake the sleepers and prevent their sudden murder (and Prospero’s plans from going awry.)  In the last scene of the first act, Caliban is fearful of Prospero’s spirits and thinks, Trinculo, the King’s jester, is one sent to punish him.  Trinculo is afraid of the approaching storm and hides with Caliban under his cloak.  Stephano, the King’s drunken butler, discovers them and thinks they are strange four legged monster that will make him rich and offers drinks to both of the monster’s mouths.  All of them celebrate when they discover the truth with Caliban vowing to leave Prospero and to serve kind Stephano.

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