The Merry Wives of Windsor 2010

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set Design by Carla Orosz, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky, Lighting Design by Stephen Wade

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Justice Shallow and Sir Hugh Evans encourage Abraham Slender to marry Master Page’s young daughter, Anne Page, who is the prettiest and wealthiest girl in town.  The men dine at the Page’s house; with Master Page’s consent, Slender attempts to woo young Anne.  Meanwhile, at the Garter Inn, Sir John Falstaff, a penniless knave, discloses his plan to try to seduce both Mistress Ford and Mistress Page and embezzle their fortunes. Falstaff wants his cronies, Pistol and Nym, to deliver letters to Mistress Page and Mistress Ford but they refuse, as it is not honorable work.  At the same time, Sir Hugh Evans sends Slender’s servant, Simple, to convince Anne’s confidante, Mistress Quickly, to put in a good word about Slender.   Mistress Quickly agrees, which angers Doctor Caius; he is Mistress Page’s choice for her daughter.  Caius becomes enraged with Evans for encouraging Slender to pursue Anne and challenges him to a duel.  Mistress Quickly also tells Master Fenton, a very handsome young man in love with Anne, that Anne loves him too.  Meanwhile, Mistress Page receives the letter from Falstaff and is appalled by his attempt to woo her.  Mistress Ford confides in Mistress Page that she has received a letter from Falstaff. The two women realize that Falstaff has given them both the same letter.  Pistol and Nym arrive at the Page’s and tell Master Ford and Master Page of Falstaff’s intentions.  Master Page believes that his wife would not betray him and that he has nothing to worry about.  Master Ford on the other hand, becomes concerned that Falstaff will successfully win over his wife.  To test his wife’s honesty, he disguises himself as Master Brook and encourages Falstaff to woo Mistress Ford.  Mistress Ford and Mistress Page develop a scheme of their own to foil Falstaff’s plans.

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