The Comedy Of Errors 2013

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set and Lighting Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

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Aegeon, a merchant of Syracuse, is arrested and faces execution due to a law forbidding Syacusians from entering Ephesus.  Aegeon pleads with Duke Solinus and tells of his search for his wife and his twin sons; one that, as a baby was separated from his, along with his wife in a shipwreck, and the other who as a grown man left to search for his long lost twin brother.  The Duke gives him one day to raise the money that can grant his freedom.  Meanwhile, Antipholus of Syracuse (one of Aegeon’s sons), and his servant Dromio have arrived in Ephesus, in search of his brother.  Antipholus of S. Sends Dromio to deposit some money at The Centaur, an inn, but Dromio of S. Has no sooner left, than Dromio of Ephesus arrives, denying any knowledge of the money.  Dromio proceeds to beckon Antipholus home to dinner where Adriana, his angry wife, waits for him.  In no mood for mockery, Antipholus beats Dromio and sends him back to Adriana to tell her he knows of no wife.  Adriana, refusing to relent, drags Antipnolus home for supper with Dromio of S. (who Antipholus of S. Has since reunited with) to stand guard at the door.  A short while later Antipholus of E. returns to be refused entry to his own house.  Inside, Antipholus of S. Becomes infatuated with Adriana’s sister, Luciana, who is appalled at the behaviour of the man she thinks is her brother-in-law.  When a gold chain ordered by Antipholus of E. for his wife is given to Antipholus of S., much confusion ensues.

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