J. Caesar 2016

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Adapted by Tracey Power with James MacDonald and directed by Anita Smith, Set Design by Carla Orosz, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky, Sound Design by tBone, Song Composition by Connor Brousseau

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The year is 2416.  In the last 400 years natural disasters have caused complete societal collapse… well almost. Some have survived, banded together and have become a force so strong that nothing, not even nature, could crush them. They are the women of Rome, a city-state committed to protecting their people and their most valuable resource, water.  The all-female city-state is made up of fearless, vengeful warriors, but one has risen above the rest, Caesar.  When Brutus and her allies take a stand against Caesar to save their new world from tyranny, it rips the unified nation apart causing them to once again go to war, but this time with each other.  Join the seven women of our 2016 company in this epic play with an edge, an edge like you’ve never seen before.

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