Romeo & Juliet 2014

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Directed by Will Brooks, Set Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

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Montagues and Caplets: two powerful families whose quarrels continually break the peace in Verona.  Prince Escalus has had enough and decrees that if any member of either family fights in public again, they will be killed.  Romeo, a Montague, is plagued by his unrequited love to Rosaline which he divulges to his cousin Benvolio, who recommends that Romeo find someone else to cast his eyes on.  Meanwhile, Capulet discusses the marriage of his daughter, Juliet, to a young suitor named Paris, cousin to the Prince.  He encourages Paris to pursue Juliet at a masquerade party he is holding that night.  Romeo and Benvolio catch wind of the party and the guest list (including Rosaline), and attend in disguise with Mercutio, a mutual friend to both Montagues and Capulets.

At the party, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt spots Romeo as a Montague and is ready to kill him on the spot, but is dissuaded by Capulet, allowing Romeo and Juliet to meet and fall madly in love.  Unfortunately, both find out they come from opposing households.  Later, Juliet professes her love for Romeo and disdain for their situation from atop her balcony outside.  Romeo appears and guarantees his love in return, in spite of their families’ turmoil.

Romeo and Juliet make plans to elope with the help of Juliet’s nurse and the Friar Laurence, but no sooner are they married than Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel, still infuriated from his attendance at the Capulet’s ball.  Romeo, now kinsmen to Capulet, refuses to fight him.  Mercutio steps in his place, but is slain.  In an enraged state, Romeo, in turn, slays Tybalt.  Romeo must escape the city hastily to avoid his own death sentence, beginning a downward spiral of tragedy for both families.

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