Much Ado About Nothing 2004

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set and Lighting Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

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Don Pedro, the Prince,  and his officers return from a battle with illegal American whiskey traders.  His bastard brother, Don John, has been captured by young Claudio and placed in his custody.  They are all welcomed into the home of Leonato, the Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories.  Benedick, a confirmed bachelor, and Beatrice, Leonato’s niece, match wits as usual.  Claudio admits that he is enamored of Leonato’s daughter Hero, and Don Pedro agrees to woo her on Calaudio’s behalf and then to ask Leonato’s permission for the pair to wed.  Don John hears of the marriage plans from his cohort Borrachio and decides to try to break up the wedding to gain revenge on Claudio.  At a party in honour of the Mounties, Don John convinces Claudio that the Prince intends on marrying Hero himself, duping Claudio and breaking his heart.  However, when Don Pedro and Leonato announce that Hero is to marry Claudio the situation is resolved. Don Pedro and Leonato also agree that Benedick and Beatrice make an excellent couple, even though they both refuse to admit their mutual attraction; they devise a scheme to trick Beatrice and Benedick into admitting their love for each other.  When Benedick is alone in the gardens, the other men talk (pretending they don’t know he’s there) of how Beatrice loves him, but she is afraid he will scorn her love.  Hero and her gentlewomen, Margaret and Ursula, lead Beatrice into t a similar trap.  Meanwhile, his first plan foiled, Don John and Borrachio plan a new scheme to cross Claudio’s wedding plans.  On the night before the wedding, Borrachio will get his innocent girlfriend Margaret to pose as Hero in her bedroom window while he woos her.  Don John will bring Claudio and the Prince to observe “Hero”, thereby convincing them of her unfaithfulness.  Constable Dogberry and the bumbling citizen’s watch group upend the whole scheme and soon we find that all the uproar is “Much Ado About Nothing”.

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