Measure for Measure 2003

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set and Lighting Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

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Duke Vincentio, realizing that he has been too lax enforcing morality laws, pretends to leave the city and appoints Angelo as his deputy, knowing he will be strict.  Angelo orders the brothels torn down and anti-fornication laws enforced.  Subsequently, he arrests Claudio and Juliet, for violating those laws, even though they intend to marry.

Angelo decides to make an example of Claudio and orders his execution.  The Duke, however, disguises himself as a Friar and returns to observe Angelo’s proceedings.  Claudio asks his friend Lucio to go to the nunnery where his sister Isabella is, and beg her to plead for his life.  In the comic sub-plot, Constable Elbow brings Pompey, a pimp, and Froth, a customer, to Angelo for judgement, but he does not want to deal with their ridiculous manner so he turns the case over to his associate, Escalus.  Isabella pleads to Angelo; smitten by her beauty, chastity and intelligence he suggests that she could trade her virginity for Claudio’s life.  The Duke, however, has a plan to save Isabella and Claudio with a scheme involving Mariana who was formerly betrothed to Angelo.

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