Comedy of Errors 2005

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set and Lighting Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

West versus East gangs are sworn enemies!

Carlo (Father of the Antonio twins) is captured on the East side while searching for his sons; one that, as a baby, was separated from him and the other who left to find his long lost twin brother.  Carlo will be executed for being caught in the wrong side of the river unless he can raise the money for his penalty by sundown.  Antonio of the West arrives and is warned about the law, but decides to have his servant Dromio of the West check him into the Sportsman Hotel anyway; he hopes to find his long lost brother.  Dromio has no sooner left the safeguard Antonio's money at the Sportsman, when Dromio of the East arrives telling Antonio that he is wanted at home for dinner and that his wife is angry with him.  Antonio wants to know what has happened to his money, which Dromio of the East knows nothing about.  Antonio has heard this side of town is full of swindlers and con artists so he must be wary.  Antonio of the East's wife Adriana is upset that Antonio has not come home for dinner.  Her sister Luciana tries to console her but when Dromio comes home and says that Antonio swears he has no wife, Andriana is convinced that he is having an affair.  Antonio of the West, having made sure his money is safe, chastises his Dromio for not telling the truth about the money and making up sotries about wives, homes and dinners.  Adriana sees Antonio of the West and thinks he is her husband and drags him home for dinner much to his amazement.  Dromio is told to guard the gate and to not let anyone enter.  When Antonio of the East arrives home for dinner with Angelo the goldsmith and finds himself locked out he gets angry and decides to visit a lady friend and give her the gold chain he has promised his wife.

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