As You Like It 2012

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Directed by Mark von Eschen, Set and Lighting Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky

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Orlando (our hero) is upset that his brother Oliver is keeping him like a servant and not granting him the riches from their father’s estate.  Orlando plans to wrestle Duke Frederick’s champion and claim the prize money, which will give him the capital he needs to leave home.  Meanwhile, Rosalind (our heroine) is melancholy about her father (Duke Senior) banished to the Forest of Arden by the villainous Duke Frederick.  Orlando and Rosalind meet at the wrestling match and fall inlove, but victorious Orlando is denied the prize money and must flee home to escape his brother’s wrath.  Duke Frederick, growing suspicious of Rosalind, banishes her as well.  She and her cousin Celia flee to the Forest of Arden indisguise (Rosalind as a boy and Celia as a shepherdess) t protect themselves from ne’er do wells.  In the forest, Orlando and Rosalind meet but she has to maintain her disguise.  She offers to cure Orlando of his love sickness by coaching him in the ways of love. Many colourful characters live in the forest including Sylvius the young shepherd in love with Phebe.  Phebe, however, falls in love with Rosalind in disguise thinking that she is a handsome young man. Duke Senior resides in theforest with a band of merry followers as does the voluptuous Audrey, a milkmaid who attracts the affections of Touchstone the court jester.

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