As You Like It

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**Directed by Anita Smith** Set Design by Stephen Wade, Costume Design by Beverley Kobelsky, Lighting Design by Will Brooks, Music by Ben Redant

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As You Like It will take you on a fantastical journey to an enchanting place where your quirks and oddities are celebrated, and you are free to love whomever you choose!  The story features Rosalind, an intelligent young noblewoman who loses everything when she is banished by her aunt and forced to leave the only home she is ever known – but when she disguises herself as a young man of modest means she finds an unexpected freedom to express herself to the man she loves.  It is a rollicking romp of a play interwoven with dancing, live music and a quadruple wedding.  Throw in a reigning monarch that makes Marie Antoinette seem like a teddy bear, a pint sized though formidable duo, and a fool with a definite Mad Hatter vibe, and this will definitely be a show audiences get buzzing about!

Poster photography by timkip Imaging - Illustration by Don Sparrow.

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