Macbeth: On Film!

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Available October 8 - 31, 2021

Venue :Amphitheatre

Oct 08 - Oct 31

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Were you unable to get tickets to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan's SOLD OUT production of Macbeth? 

Do you live outside of Saskatoon and couldn't see it in person? 

Did you see it once, but wish you could have seen it again? 

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is coming to your screen with a multi-camera performance of Macbeth!

Hailed for its “cleverly crafted and executed creative vision”, this production brings an innovative and fresh look at the Bard’s exploration of power, ambition, and tyranny. Filmed on location at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s newly upgraded facilities in the summer of 2021, witness a tour de force performance by a cast of five of Saskatchewan’s finest actors, many playing multiple roles. 

Ambition and blood – so much blood. Macbeth’s wants and desires for power are fueled by the deadly determination of Lady Macbeth and the prophesies of three strange women. Dark, stylized, and with blinding intensity, experience the “Scottish Play” as you never have before - from the comfort of your own home! This has been a memorable return to the stage for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan – a return to theatre that takes the Bard’s deadliest tragedy to a wholly unexpected level, available online! 

Made possible through Creative Saskatchewan's Market and Export Development Grant Program, MACBETH: ON FILM was available October 8th through October 31st on the new SSO Streaming Service,

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