2021 Summer Performances

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Jul 01 - Aug 31

As you might expect, we are not currently able to confirm what our festival will look like this summer, the exact dates of performances, and what shows we will be doing.  We are hard at work putting best laid plans in place to give us the best chances of serving our patrons, artists, and staff in the most artistically fulfilling and safest way possible.  We are working diligently to put together a potential series of programming that will (fingers crossed everyone) allow us to be able to invite audience members into our space live and in person.  We are also working on some exciting programming that will allow us to offer digital options for those who are not comfortable attending in person.  We are committed to doing all of this in line with or in excess of all regulations, with health and safety as our priority.  As you would imagine we are also attempting to plan with as many backup options in place should we find that we are not able to invite you in person to our programming.  Over the coming months we will be sharing some of the artistic processes that are happening in preparation, and we will keep you in the loop on how things are looking as we work towards confirming our plans and the opening up of ticket sales in May.  Watch our social media channels for links to blog posts to keep you in the know!

Be well and stay safe,

Will Brooks, Artistic Producer

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