Staging the Future

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan has completed the Staging the Future Capital Campaign which received broad community support.  The project has many benefits for your Shakespeare Festival, partner organizations in our area and all the citizens of Saskatoon.  We would like to thank the Government of Canada, the Government of Saskatchewan and the City of Saskatoon for their contributions to the project, as well as the many generous donors to the capital campaign, without them none of this would have been possible!


The Gallant River ($500,000+)

Government of Canada

Government of Saskatchewan

The Grandey Family Foundation

Jerry & Tina Grandey


Current of the Courageous ($250,000+)

Robert Steane

City of Saskatoon Cultural Capital Grant & Partnership Funding

Malcolm B. & Marilyn J. Leggett


Bank of the Bold ($100,000+)

Jill & Gordon Rawlinson


The Targeted Strategies Group

Greg & Olivia Yuel & Family

3twenty Modular

Wally & Colleen Mah

Robert Steane Fund for the Arts at Saskatoon Community Foundation


The Devoted Path ($50,000+)

Des Nedhe Group

Group2 Architecture Interior Design

Pentec Energy Limited

Saskatoon Road Runners Association

Larry & Irene Seiferling

Garnett Industries Ltd.


Forest of the Daring ($10,000+)

Janet Hill & David Palmer

PCL Construction

Yann Martel & Alice Kuipers

Suzanne & William Dust

Jim & Brenda Nowakowski

Donna Wilson & Evert van Olst

Crosby Hanna & Associates

Eric Cline & Pauline Melis

The Titan Group

Nan Lee & Dave Neuburger

Jeffery Lee & Annemarie Cherneskey

Rob & Nora Rongve

Tim & Bonnie Gitzel

Tom & Maureen Stack

Moore-Ching Family Foundation

PWA Engineering

Wiegers Financial & Benefits

David Edney Fund for Theatre

Beth Bilson

A. R. Rothery

Dr. Ivan Jen & Dr. Suzanne Yip in honour of their son Dr. Stephen Jen & daughter Leslie Jen

Élisabeth Foucault

Betty Cook

Della Marshall


The Valient View ($5,000+)

Carla Orosz

Arul & Maha Kumaran

Bema Autosport BMW

Brent Nelson & Susan Burton

Dave Stark

John & Marie Gormley

David Gerecke & Linda Frank

Wolfecroft Signs

Doug & Lillian Thorpe

Doug & Irene Osbourne

Cindy & Neil Cameron

NSC Minerals Ltd.

Alain & Cindi Gaucher

Daryl & Leah Schatz

Wheaton GMC Buik Cadillac Ltd.

Brett Graham care of Raymond James Foundation

In Memory of Beatrice Sheridan

Judith in loving memory of T. Y. Henderson

Colin Macdonald & Theresa Skwara


The Ardent Bridge ($1,000+)

P. Machibroda Engineering Ltd.

First Nations Bank of Canada

In Memory of Ruth E. Busby

Brenda & Colin Taylor

Pamela Haig Bartley & Bill Bartley

Gordon Desbrisay & Mary Lou Fletcher

In Memory of Jim Fergusson

Kurt & Charmaine Wintermute

Ken Howland & Marcia Clark

Janet & Art Postle

Beverley Kobelsky

Lloyd & Shirley Widenmaier

Gail Osachoff

Natasha Martina

Saskatoon Triathlon Club

Lloyd & Heather Rowson

Mike & Bonnie Furi

Sandra Schultz

Vic & Bev Dubois

Moira Day

Scott & Tracy Banda

Kent & Kathy Allen

Jamie Shebelski & Will Brooks

Saskatoon Funeral Home & the Edwards Family

Jo & Larry Custead

Judy & Kent Hartshorn

Ron van Meenen

Jeremy Breker

Arnfinn Prugger

Darla & Rick Cheetham

Carol Greyeyes


The Stouthearted Shoreline ($500+)

Alan L Long

Paul Denham

Dan Brisbin

Melanie Rogowski & Daniel Macdonald


Sheldon & Kathi Born

Rick Ewen

JC Kenyon Engineering


Webb Surveys Inc.

In Memory of Bubs Coleman

Jim Fergusson

Kelly & Fern Stockdale Winder

Ann & Ross Stuart

Neil & Joni MacKay

Marty & Lori Irwin

Kelly McShane & Ellen Wardell

Kathy Berg

Ed & Tamara Mendez

Ryan Walker


The Rest of our valued Staging the Future Supporters ($20+)

Kathleen Irwin

Corinne McKay & Kevin Moore

In Honour of Edward Ewing

Joanne Rochester

Jessie T. Baptiste

Carey Hyndman


Patrice Pollock

Aidas Sudeikis

Dawn Mann

Jeff & Chantel Dumba

Danny Anderson

Kristi Friday & Skye Brandon

Linda Charlton

Donald & Sylvia Johnson

Dwayne & Bev Brenna

Karen Hayward

Linda Bradley

Gary & Marion Van Impe

Thomas Eremondi

Cathy Sajtos SRRA

Louis Baillargeon

Elaine Paptie

Linda Riopel

Dave Buchner

Barbara Shirley

Roman Todos & Debrorah Cheesbrough

Cindy Sherban


Lori Soderberg

Patricia Drews


Heather & Jim Traves 

Rick Bekker

James Davie

Cheryl Kosowan-Kirk

Anna Bekolay


The Staging the Future Capital Campaign is now complete.  We are so grateful to all of our valued donors and government funding bodies that made this dream a reality.  The ongoing upkeep and improvement of the site is also something we take very seriously in order for us to continue to make the most of our community's investment.

If you would like to leave a legacy to help us ensure that we can maintain this stunning site for generations to come please contact Pam Staples, Director of Marketing and Development at or call 306-653-2300 ext. 225.  Pam would be happy to discuss with you how your donation could help the long-term health and viability of the festival and the festival site. You can also inquire with Pam regarding our endowment (held at the Saskatoon Community Foundation) and Planned Giving.

You can also mail your donation attention to Melanie Rogowski, General Manager, 215-401 33rd Street West, Saskatoon, SK S7L 0V5.  Please make a note in your letter that your donation is for capital improvement.

Festival Sponsors