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January 25, 2021
Message from General Manager, Melanie Rogowski and Will Brooks Artistic Producer

Hello Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Fans and Members!  Thank You to everyone who attended our 2019|2020 Annual General Meeting.  Here are your Board Members as of January 20, 2021:

Chair                   Victor Dubois

Vice-Chair           Rick Ewen

Treasurer            Colin Taylor

Secretary             Dawn  Mann

Director                Carlynn Block

Director                Julia Ewing

Director                Leslie Fenyes

Director                Della  Marshall

Director                Peter Robinson

Director                Roger Schmid

Director                Julie Ann Wriston

On Wednesday, January 20th, the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan membership met via Zoom for its 2019|2020 Annual General Meeting. At that meeting we said goodbye to two outgoing board members: Sheldon Born and Corinne McKay. We are extremely grateful to both Sheldon and Corinne for their time, guidance, and experience over the last several years. Sheldon’s past experience was always an immense support to creating change for good in the organization and Corinne’s keen eye and vast knowledge always kept us pointed in the right direction.  We wish you each the best!

We are also excited to announce Julie Ann Wriston and Rick Ewen will be joining the board. Some of you may remember Rick as our previous outgoing Board Chair. Rick served on our board from 2013 to 2018 and was the Chair from 2015 to 2018. He was instrumental in the beginning stages of the Staging the Future Build committee. He brings with him an intimate understanding of our organization as a long time patron and supporter. Rick has graciously agreed to serve as Vice-Chair for the next year. We would also like to welcome Julie Ann Wriston to the Board. Julie brings with her years of experience in all the fun things boards of directors get excited about: process, policy, governance, and strategical planning. Julie we are truly excited to have you at the table!

On behalf of the SOTS staff and membership –



And thank you to all of our returning board executive members: Vic Dubois, Chair; Dawn Mann, Secretary; Colin Taylor, Treasurer. As well as our Directors: Julia Ewing, Les Fenyes, Carlynn Block, Della Marshall, Peter Robinson, and Roger Schmid. We look forward to working along side each of you as we work to bring LIVE professional theatre to Saskatoon in our beautiful new riverside Festival Park.



Melanie Rogowski         &         Will Brooks

General Manager                        Artistic Producer

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