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Top to bottom: Alan Long, Kristi Friday,
Will Brooks, Melanie Rogowski

Reliance on public funding is shrinking, and even when our box office is extremely successful, it can only bring in between 50-65% of the revenues required to operate an accessible and affordable professional summer theatre festival.  The cancelation of our summer festival in 2020 due to COVID-19 has also created challenges for us as the company plans for a return to performances in 2021.  We therefore reach out to the many generous individuals and famlies who value theatre and a vibrant arts community in Saskatoon to consider a gift to the festival.  These donations are gratefully acknowledged, and you can share a personal message of why you want to give to help us continue to offer this great summer artistic outlet to our community.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged with a tax receipt if desired. Donations above $50 will be recognized here and in our festival program.  Scroll down to see these amazing supporters for the 2018/2019 year ending May 31, 2019!

By donating to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, you are contributing not only to the success of our company, but also to the continuation of the Arts in Saskatoon.

Canada Helps is Canada's largest online donation processor, and as a non-profit entity itself, is able to provide lower processing fees for charitable donations. Tax receipts are automatically sent to your email address, and the donation will be automatically transferred to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, which saves us on administrative costs as well. Canada Helps makes it easier for Canadians to donate by credit card, donate by paypal, set up monthly donations, and donate securities/mutual funds to avoid the capital gains tax. 

You can also do single donations through the new PayPal Giving Fund.  You are also emailed a receipt immediately, and through this link there are no fees!

To can also make an online donation to our festival through our Canada Helps Page.  From here, you can select either a one-time donation, monthly donations, or a donation of securities/mutual funds. 

To learn more about the benefits of donating securities, check out this Canada Helps articleThe easiest and best way to donate securities with minimal fees is to put your broker in direct contact with Artistic Producer Will Brooks at 306-653-2300 or email:

There are two other ways to donate:

  1. By phone at 306-653-2300
  2. By printing and completing this donation form and sending it to us via email or regular mail: Melanie Rogowski, Operations Manager  215-401 33rd St. West, Saskatoon, SK S7L 0V5

“I can no other answer make but thanks
And thanks, and ever thanks;”
(Twelfth Night, Act III, Sc. iii)

2019 Donors


Lindsay Embree-Prugger 

Nutrien Employee Matching Program 

Jerry Grandey 

The Tony & Mary Banks Family Foundation 



David Edney Fund for Theatre 

Larry & Irene Seiferling 

William & Suzanne Dust 

Titan Marketing 

McKercher LLP 



Anonymous Donors 

Judith in memory of T.Y. Henderson 

Catherine Seed 

Bray Memorial Fund 

Carey Hyndman 

Brenda & Colin Taylor 

Dr. Gordon & Betty Bray Fund for Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan 

David Marriott & Janice Storeshaw 

Mike Thomsen 

Peter & Deanna Bergbusch 


Barbara & Jeffrey Warkentin 

Dr. Renee Kennedy Medical Services Prof. Corp. 

Lyle Minogue 


Rick & Linda Ewen 

Joanne Rochester 




Anonymous Donors 

Samantha Chamberlain 

Tim Hutchinson & 

Mona Nasser 

Genevieve Barlas 

Eric Cline & Pauline Melis 

     Lorraine Salt 

Gail Osachoff 

Sandra Beardsall 

James Cook 

Dennis Kowal 

Serena Palmer 

     & Bill Richards 

Marlene Cyr 

Rachel Machnee 

Wes Pearce 

Peter & Elva Bennett 

Madeleine Dahlem 

Bryan MacLean 

Daine Phillips 

Errol & Shawna 

Linda Doolittle-Ewen 

Wally & Colleen Mah 

Dr. Frank Scott 


Julia Ewing 

Della Marshall 

Kathy Shirkey 

Christopher & Meghan 

Drs. Isobel & Len Findlay 

Christopher Kent & 

Heather Stewart 


Mary & James Grant 

     Mary Marino 

Fern Stockdale Winder 

Jeremy Breker 

Don Greer 

Helen Molloy 

Joelyne Swidzinski 

Barry & Karen Brosko 

Katherine Grier 

Jim & Brenda 

K & V Walker 

Michael Cavanaugh 

Jeremy Haigh 


Josh Welz 


Thelma Howard 





Lynn Adamson 

Joe & Cathy Fry 

Maureen Kreick 

Kenneth & Margareth 

Kent & Kathy Allen 

Wendy Roy & Garth Cantrill 

Debbie LaPointe 


Inger Anderson 

Kathy Grant 

Eric Lawrenz 

Matt Schubert & 

Anonymous Donors 

Carol Greyeyes 

Natal & David Laycock 

     Patrice Pollock 

Jim Arthur 

Herold & Jean Friday 

Eunice Koehler 

Sandra Polvi 

Phyllis Baker 

Dr. Mark Gryba &  

James Kornelson 

James Robbins 

Dennis & Toni Beerling 

     Dr. Dorothy Barrie 

Dr. Mary Leggett 

Dennis Rusinak 

Robert & Susan Bellamy 

Andrea Grzesina 

Phyllis Johnston &  

Robert Sanche 

John Botari & Carolyn 

George & Shirley Haines 

     Lew Heuchert 

John & Nancy Senior 


Robert Halliday 

Jean & Rod Macpherson 

Bob & Maureen Shebelski 

Lorraine Bryan 

Karen Hayward 

Stephen Mann 

David Shields 

Jessica Buhler 

Eileen Heinen 

Dawn Mann 

Rita Sperling 

Robert & Susanne 

Jeannette Heinen 

Corinne McKay 

Greg & Carol Starrak 


James Herrick 

Pam Morgan 

Edna Steckhan 

Jan & Roger Cochrane 

Lewis G. Heuchert 

Jean Mortin 

Brenda Thiessen 

Carol Copeland 

Crystal Hill 

Barbara Munholland 

Doug Thorpe 

Janet Corcoran 

Debbie & Leonard 

Sylvia & David Myall 

Alison Toews 

Moira Day 


Harvey & Dolores Neil 

Erin Tressel 

Dennis Deminchuk 

Alynn Jackson 

Roberta Neudorf 

Lisa Vargo 

Alan Deschner 

Julie Jensen 

Dwight Newman 

Shelly Vevang 

Yvonne & Harry Draude 

Bob & Shannon Johnson 

Dennis Nichol 

Ilene Wettergreen 

Meredith Dunham 

Dennis & Beth Johnson 

Kam Omidi 

Shirley Widenmaier 

Jeremy Morgan & 

Barbara & Richard 

Mark & Debbie Pasloski 

Katherine Windjack 

     Eleanor Cardoza 


Eugene Patrick 

Sharon Wright & 

Barbara & Jake Ens 

In Memory of T.Y. Henderson 

Michael Paynter 

     Frank Klassen 

Susan Ens Funk 

Ward Kewley 

Susan Pederson 

Dorothy Zepp 

Angeline Fergusson 


Wade Peters 

Tara Zrymiak 







Deidre Andres 

Gisele Dumonceaux 

Sandra Maxwell 

Faith Rohrbough 

Anonymous Donors 

David Elliott 

Diane & Harris May 

Rob Rongve 

Curtis Anton 

Shelley Ewing 

Marla Mayes 

Donna S. Rooney 

Elaine Baptie 

Sheila Flory 

Wenda Mcarthur 

Janice Rutherford 

Katherine Berg 

Jean Freeman 

D’Arce McMillan 

Michelle Sanche 

Margaret Bessai 

Kelly & Adrienne Gallagher 

Gail & Owen Mitchell 

Peggy Sarjeant 

Sheldon Born 

Lyn Goldman 

Jerome S. Nicol 

Morgan Schick 

Ardell J. Clark-Tronnes 

Mary Grant 

Hilda Noton 

James & Elizabeth Scott 

Cheryl Cole 

Rheanne Haines 

Heather Oakes 

Janice Storeshaw 

Susan Cross 

Patricia Heighes 

Susan Parkin 

Cindy Toutloff 

Heather Dack 

Judie & Grant Ireland 

Gretchen Peterson 

Donna Wilson & 

Jerry & Norine Demeria 

Roanne Kelln 

Michelle Pharis 

     Evert van Olst 

Paul Denham 

Moira Kerr 

Sean Polreis 

Rhonda Watchel 

Todd Devonshire 

Susan & Ronald Lamb 

Barbara Reed 

Jeffrey Weiner 

Rodney Dickinson 

Annette Magus 

Sylvia Regnier 

Cliff Wheatley 

Kathryn Dueck 

W. Maurer 

Melanie Rogowski & Daniel Macdonald 




  • Rick EwenChair
  • Vic DuboisPast Chair
  • Colin TaylorTreasurer
  • Dawn MannSecretary


  • Carlynn Block
  • Dana Chaben
  • Julia Ewing
  • Leslie Fenyes
  • Della Marshall
  • Peter Robinson
  • Roger Schmid
  • Julie Ann Wriston

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