COVID Protocol

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is pleased to welcome guests to our fully re-developed site now open to the public.  Please observe site signage and practice physical distancing as you walk or bike through.

At our events we are committed to the health and safety of our patrons, artists and staff. 

In keeping with our commitment to you, we ask you be aware of the following important points:

  1. Guests will be required to sanitize their hands when they arrive on site.
  2. If you or a member of your party are sick, please stay home.  All patrons are asked to:
    - Wash hands often and avoid touching your face;
    - Maintain 2 meters distance from others;
    - Cover mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow if coughing or sneezing;
    - Avoid touching surfaces
    -Guests attending for performance events will NOT be required to wear a mask (but are encouraged to do)

    -Guests attending for site tours WILL be required to wear a mask
  3. We will mark, on the sidewalk, where guests should stand prior to entering the site. Please do not block the Meewasin Trail from other trail users.
  4. Each performance event group booking will be sat at least 2 meters apart from one another. 
  5. We ask that all bookings be limited to people within your household or extended household.
  6. All SOTS staff will wear a mask and/or face shield while interacting with guests.
  7. Outside food and drink are not permitted. A limitted concession will be available for purchase during performance events but not tours. We encourage patrons to choose contactless payment options.
  8. Artists at performane events will not be wearing masks but will remain at least 2 meters from guests at all times.
  9. Hosts for Site Tours will wear a facesheild and/or mask at all times.
  10. There will be a fully accessible port-a-potty & handwash station on site for guest use that will be sanitized regularly during performance events. Guests attending tours will have access to a dressing room bathroom if needed that will be cleaned regularily.
  11. Guests will be required to exit the site as soon as the event or tour is complete.
  12. We are committed to keeping you healthy and safe.  We have put precautions in place to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee there will be zero risk.
  13. We appreciate your patience and understanding with these necessary operational changes.
  14. These guidelines may be updated to reflect current public health guidelines.

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