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     Rick Ewen, Chair

Rick Ewen has rejoined the board after an absence of two years.  Rick worked for the provincial government for 33 years, retiring as Executive Director of Apprenticeship.  For the last eight years, he has operated his own small business.  Rick and his wife Linda have been very active as volunteers for several Saskatoon-based groups, and they look forward to returning to “active duty” once COVID restrictions are lifted.

     Carlynn Block, Vice Chair

Carlynn Block is an alumni of the University of Saskatchewan, obtaining both her Bachelor of Psychology and Juris Doctor in 2017. Carlynn articled with W Law LLP in Saskatoon, formerly the W Law Group LLP, and is now an Associate with a practice primarily focused in family law. She enjoys volunteerism and teamwork, and hopes to bring the skills and experience she has to the Board of Directors for the benefit of Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.

Colin Taylor
   Colin Taylor - Treasurer

Colin retired in September 2020 after 21 years as a partner with a local public accounting firm.  Prior to that he worked for 25 years with three different Canadian banks. Colin grew up in Saskatoon and after university, like most of his graduating class, left the city and it took him 20 years to return to Saskatoon in 1996.  

He was introduced to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan years ago by his Mom.  When Colin came back to Saskatoon in the summer to visit, she would always make sure that attending a Shakespeare play was on the agenda.  He was blessed with an amazing English teacher in his last year of high school, who developed in him an appreciation of great literature.   A couple of years before Colin’s anticipated retirement date he learned that the then Treasurer Angie was going to be rotating off the Board.  Given his interest in Shakespeare and desire to give back to the community, it was a natural decision to volunteer to join the Board in 2018, where Colin contributes using his work experiences.  

Active involvement in community activities is very important to both Colin and his wife Brenda. In his retirement, he is staying busy as a volunteer with three major Rotary projects in addition to Shakespeare.  Who knows what other opportunities will arise?

Della Marshall, Member at Large
My first exposure to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan was in 1987.  The tent was set up beside the Bessborough and the show was Macbeth.  Following that I started volunteering at Shakespeare. In 1989 my children were introduced to Romeo and Juliette (bilingual), and summer Shakespeare became our summer ritual.  In June of 2000 I joined the Shakespeare Board of Directors, in 2001 I became Chair, and in 2005 I stepped off the board. I recently returned to the Shakespeare Board in December of 2018.   During my time here, both on and off the Shakespeare board, I have been involved and have volunteered for the Medieval Feasts, Birthday Bash Fundraisers, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s 20th and 35th anniversary celebrations, landscaping the site and other volunteer needs. I also put on a private event at the Shakespeare site that over several year was a sold-out Dinner and a Show fundraiser event. I have seen every Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan production since 1987, and I am Honorary Member of Canadian Actors Equity.
Julia Ewing, Member at Large

Julia Ewing and her extended family have attended (and occasionally participated in) Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan productions since its inception. Julia chose to be a Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan board member and volunteer because she, on behalf of her family, wants to see the festival endure so others can enjoy the timelessness magic of Shakespeare. Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is a summer gem in Saskatoon.

Julia is a community development professional and a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan.

Peter Robinson, Member at Large

Peter Robinson is Bateman Professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan.  He researches and teaches medieval literature (especially Geoffrey Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales), and is particularly interested in the use of digital technology to help us understand texts and documents. He has produced a widely-used App for the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales, several digital editions of parts of the Tales, and collaborated with many other scholars on texts ranging from ancient Iranian, through Armenian, Dante, and the Greek New Testament, up to James Joyce.

Dana Chaben, Member at Large

Dana Chaben is an alumni of the University of Saskatchewan. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Business in 2012. Throughout her career she has practiced in both Human Resources and Labour Relations. Most recently, Dana is working as an HR Consultant with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). With past experience as a board member, Dana hopes to bring a new perspective to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. 

Julie Ann Wriston
Julie Ann Wriston, Member at Large

Opportunity and hope are synonymous to Julie Ann Wriston. She has witnessed the impact that solid economic development has on regions, communities and individuals time and time again in her career. With a passion for Indigenous engagement and community economic development, Julie Ann has worked throughout Saskatchewan and beyond creating, planning for and connecting good businesses that contribute to economic strength and prosperity.

Her specialties are working with Indigenous corporations, communities, and entrepreneurs to cultivate business growth and stimulate economic reconciliation. Julie Ann has worn many hats in this space that range from procurement, communications, administration, human resources, governance, and executive level leadership. She currently focuses on Equity Diversity and Inclusion as a Senior Advisor in Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations with Nutrien.

She has a solid background as a multi-term board member for a Crown corporation and has served in this capacity for various organizations over the years.  Julie Ann is a graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors with professional director certification (ICD.D), which provides her with a depth of knowledge that supports setting the tone at the top in a good way.

 As a proud Métis mother of two inspiring kids, Julie Ann has a vested interest in contributing to a healthy, sustainable community that provides an environment where opportunity and hope can thrive.

Vic Dubois, Past Chair

I am the General Manager at Saskatoon Media Group, operators of CJWW 600 AM, 92.9 the Bull FM and 98Cool FM.

I have always believed in giving back to the community and have been a volunteer for a number of non-profits during my 38 + years in Saskatoon.  I am a Past-President of the following organizations:   Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Summer Festival, Prairieland Park, TCU Place, the Saskatoon Club, the Saskatoon Rotary Club, Saskatchewan Association of Broadcasters and the Western Association of Broadcasters.  Current volunteer commitments include being President of the Secret Santa Foundation, and continuing to serve on the board of the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Summer Festival.   My wife Bev, who is the Ward 9 City Councillor, and I have always loved live theatre and I am very pleased to bring whatever Board skills and experience I may have to the Festival since I joined the Board in 2017







  • Rick EwenChair
  • Vic DuboisPast Chair
  • Colin TaylorTreasurer
  • Dawn MannSecretary


  • Carlynn Block
  • Dana Chaben
  • Julia Ewing
  • Leslie Fenyes
  • Della Marshall
  • Peter Robinson
  • Roger Schmid
  • Julie Ann Wriston

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