Artist Connect Campaign

In 2021 we are offering donors who make a commitment of $3,000 or more an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with one of our artists as they prepare for the 2021 summer season.  You can make this commitment as a pledge over a number of years, or as a monthly donation (for example $50 per month for five years).  All donations are tax deductible.

You can engage as an individual, couple, family or group of up to 5 supporters to make this gift. You can make your gift in a lump sum or over a designated period of time. Here is the exciting part: each and every artist connect gift will be matched 100% by the Robert Steane Fund for the Arts at the Saskatoon Community Foundation! Bob Steane was a huge fan of Saskatoon theatre and an incredible philanthropist that left us with an amazing gift. His matching support will help us complete a full recovery and open this amazing new festival site showing his incredible love of theatre and our entire community.

In January 2021 we will announce our Season plans and begin booking our artists. We will work with each donor to connect them with an area or certain artist they would like to get to know better. However, we will be creating a community of artists and supporters so you will also have many opportunities to learn all the aspects of our company’s creative process.

To see the full program with timeline CLICK HERE.

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