Players' Stage


Free Arts Programming! 

In 2022 we are pleased to announce the John Rayner Players' Stage!

Completely FREE evenings of professional Saskatchewan artists on the riverbank. Come early or stay late and enjoy free short programming by professional Saskatchewan artists on the
Players’ Stage.

Please note that Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival's Covid-19 Protocols remain in effect for all John Rayner Players' Stage events. For the most up to date information, visit our Covid-19 information page by clicking HERE.

Upcoming Line-Up:

Spoiler Alert! by Jenna Berenbaum and Connor Brousseau
In the style of Cymbeline, Jenna and Connor embark on a musical journey of love, lust, faking evidence, planned decapitations, successful decapitations, and implausible family reunions.

Will I’m Not by Nathan Coppens
Parody and musical comedy from a master tickler of the ivories. Confused about Shakespeare? Wondering if he’s even still relevant? Weird Al could make you laugh about this with a few buttons and a floppy windbag; imagine what Nathan can do with a full 88 keys!

Good Tickle Brain by Mya Gosling
Join Mya Gosling, the artist and author of Shakespeare stick-figure comic Good Tickle Brain (goodticklebrain. com) as she explores the joys and challenges of adapting Shakespeare from stage to page and demonstrates how to condense an entire play into a three-panel comic.

Shakespearean Wrestling Promos by Grahame Kent
It’s Shakespeare-mania, ya jabroni! Come to the squared circle on the riverbank where the titans of literature throw down! Famous feuds will clash and thumbs will be bit!

“Are you sure/that we are awake?” by Elise Kuterbach 
Elise Kuterbach is a white, queer, singer-songwriter in Saskatoon. Drawing inspiration from some of Shakespeare’s more famous quotes, characters and plays. Elise shares songs about the nonsense of love and power, melancholy, and situates us into the magic of the riverbank.

Shakespeare SexEd by Katie Moore
Get ready to sing like you are in a roadside tavern and cheer at twirling tassles! Shakespeare SexEd dives into how brilliantly naughty Shakespeare truly was with burlesque, clown and puppetry.

“Shakesguys” Series by Elizabeth Nepjuk
Elizabeth Nepjuk (she/they) is an award-winning theatre artist and lifelong visual artist from Saskatoon. Over the course of the pandemic, they began a series of painted illustrations featuring characters they’ve been drawing since childhood, doing various activities that had been shutdown or off-limits due to COVID, as a way of both filling the void left by cancelled theatre contracts and processing isolation. She decided her creatures would be fun to insert into some of her favourite Shakespearean plays and roles. Liz is in Vancouver now, but their art can be found at luvliz. ca and shipped globally.

Church of Snakespeare by Andrew Taylor Performed by the Sketchy Bandits
The Stratford Upon Cudworth Thespian Players invite you a new kind of Sunday Worship. A hardly tedious and not too lengthy mass, in praise of a long dead, but truly brilliant (and very, very funny) bard ‘Snakespeare’, whose penned works have, in a way, resurrected him from a dusty tomb, verily making him immortal! Whether he was a man of flesh, or several hundred snakes tied together to masquerade as a person is neither here nor there! The work speaks for its(sss)self. So wear your Sunday best, bring your mewling kids, and join us in Thespian Worship at the Church of Snakespeare.


All performances happen at 7pm and immediately after the mainstage show (approx 9pm)...
Running times between 10 - 20 minutes each.


AUGUST 20th at 6pm: Prairie Music Residency Brass Band 

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