25 - 14 Feb - Mar

Welcome to the O: An Activatable Lighting & Sound Installation!

Date : FEB 25, 2021 - MAR 14, 2021

Time : 07:00pm - 11:00pm

Venue :Festival Park Public Event

Welcome to the O

-Created and designed by J.J. Neufeld

-Script and story assistance by Will Brooks

In Henry V, Shakespeare used the phrase “Wooden O” to describe his beloved Globe Theatre.  To theatre makers ever since, “this Wooden O” has become a beautiful way to describe our sacred theatre spaces whether they be wood, concrete, glass, or simply found space where we tread the boards and tell our story.  Creators JJ Neufeld and Will Brooks have used this phrase as inspiration to create a lighting and sound installation for the new Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan site and amphitheatre.  Come on down and explore the amphitheatre and you will find that your motion through the space triggers sound and lights that evoke the ghosts of Shakespeare’s works.  While these times do not allow us to gather and experience an actor live in the “Wooden O”, we have created this piece to give light in the darkness and to allow us to spend time exploring this space and dreaming of the day when these ghosts can be replaced with actors once again.


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