Upcoming Events

  • 25 - 14 Feb - Mar

    Welcome to the O: An Activatable Lighting & Sound Installation!

    Welcome to the O

    -Created and designed by J.J. Neufeld

    -Script and story assistance by Will Brooks

    In Henry V, Shakespeare used the phrase “Wooden O” to describe his.  

  • 16 - 21 Mar - Mar

    Passing Storm

    Passing Storm: Serene drifting colours occasionally interrupted by rolling clouds and flashes of lightning


  • 23 - 31 Mar - Mar

    Spring Flowers

    Spring Flowers will Come: Soon the yellowed grass will turn green, leaves will bud and the first blossoms will be seen. 


  • 26 - 26 Mar - Mar

    Light it up Purple

    Special Lighting Event: Light it up Purple!  March is Epilepsy Awareness month and March 26th is designated as “Purple Day”.   Purple Day was started by a young Nova Scotian girl in 2008, and it is now.  


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