Matthew Burgess


Previously at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan: Taming of the Shrew (Grumio) & Romeo and Juliet (Capulet) 2014; Macbeth (Macbeth) & The Comedy of Errors (Henchman) 2013; As You Like It (Charles & Jaques) & Hamlet (Bernardo, 3rd Player & Clown) 2012; Love’s Labour’s Lost (Ferdinand) & The Winter’s Tale (Leontes) 2011; Merchant of Venice (Bassanio) & The Merry Wives of Windsor (Master George Page) 2010; Titus Andronicus Reading (As cast), Antony and Cleopatra (Agrippa) & A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theseus & Oberon) 2009; Julius Caesar (Marcus Brutus) & Twelfth Night (Antonio & A Priest) 2007; Romeo and Juliet (Benvolio) & The Comedy of Errors (Antonio of the East) 2005; Much Ado About Nothing (Don Pedro) & Macbeth (Macduff) 2004; Christmas Revue (Ensemble), Measure for Measure  (Claudio) & As You Like It (Orlando) 2003; Hamlet (Hamlet) & The Alchemist (Dapper) 2002; Love’s Labour’s Lost  (Dumaine & Holofernes) & The Merry Wives of Windsor (Pistol) 2001; Richard III (Lord Rivers & Earl of Richmond) & The Winter’s Tale (Lord – Attendant to Leontes) 2000.

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