Brad Grass


Previously at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan: Julius Caesar (A Cobbler & Lepidus) & Twelfth Night (Malvolio) 2007; Romeo and Juliet (An Apothecary & Prince of Verona) & The Comedy of Errors (Antonio of the West) 2005; Macbeth (King Duncan & Siward) & Much Ado About Nothing (Benedick) 2004; Christmas Revue 2002; Love’s Labour’s Lost (Moth) & The Merry Wives of Windsor (Shallow & Robert) 2001; Christmas Revue, Sharing the Memory-Shaping the Dream: A Millenium Celebration Festival Frolics (Dud, Nursery Rhyme, Silent Movie – My Hero, When I’m Sixty-four, Subtext, & Magic Chair) & The Winter’s Tale (Polixeness) 2000; Festival Frolicks & A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Nick Bottom) 1999; Christmas Revue 1998; Festival Frolics, Christmas Revue & La Vie Parisienne (Joseph, A Custom Officer, Alphonse, Prosper & Alfred) 1996; The Threepenny Opera (Tiger Brown) 1995.

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