• 16Nov

    Site Flip!

    By: Alan Long
    Category: In the News

    The break in the fall weather was just the window we needed to complete a big job on the Shakespeare on the Sask site, and we hope it gets you excited about next season.  I guess we needed a little project to give us an excuse to break out of the office and spend some time at our favourite spot in Saskatoon.  I mean we are busy enough, don't get me wrong, Will and Skye the directors of Twelfth Night and Richard III respectively have auditioned many many excellent actors in Saskatoon and Regina, including the very talented group at the University of Saskatchewan Drama Department.  But while they ruminate on the tough decisions they have to make we decided we needed a distraction, a little extra good news for all of us who sit and dream about next summer and what shinanigans we can get up to! 

    One of our biggest concerns we hear from our patrons besides PARKING is the traffic noise level inside the main stage tent.  Those lovely Harley Davidsons on Spadina, ramping up the RPMs as they speed under the 25th Street Bridge and roar past the end of our tent do get annoying at times.  I mean I ride too and I get the thrill of the open road, the wind in your face, the rumble of all that power between your legs and the deafing roar of an engine with limited muffling devices....actually I get all of it except the deafening roar part.  The ridiculous rapping of pipes that screams look at me, look at me, I ride a big motorcycle aren't I so freaking SPECIAL!!!  Sorry I digressed.

    When I started working here about a year ago I realized that artistic producer Will Brooks had a dream and a scheme in mind and he let me know about it right away.  "I think there is enough room at the North End of the site to move the big tent there, I mean we will have to move some stuff, but I think its possible!"  Really?!?  "Yep."  And so I was dragged into the site flip plan, and along with Board Chair Rick Ewen, we planned all summer and got to work this fall.  Two major things had to happen, first we needed a power panel box moved and some of our electrical components upgraded, and second we needed about 150 yards of base material to make a solid pad for the new tent location.  Both expensive propositions, so we required some help that would make this work without completely depleting our capital funds.  We immediately thought of two of our long time supporters, Centennial 360 for the electrical work and ASL Paving for the material installation and packing.  Both companies expressed interest immediately and have been very supportive in the process.  AND they came through with amazingly generous discounts on their services in short order meaning hey everybody it's GO TIME!

    In early November Hugo and Sally from Centennial 360 showed up with tools and shovels and made quick work of the electrical switch-a-roo!  Last week ASL Paving pulled in with their heavy equipment and within 36 hours Will's dream was a reality.  We can't say enough about these great community leaders, and we plan to continue to sing their praises all season long in 2017!

    This week we just launched our annual patron donor campaign.  If you get a letter from us or even if you don't, please consider following the lead of these great community people and help your Shakespeare Festival continue to improve and to innovate!  Just go to our homepage and click donate in the top righthand corner. is a great service that will process your donation for a minimal fee and send you a tax receipt right away.  We continue to be amazed and humbled by the incredible generosity of our business community and our valued patrons.  You are all helping to keep Shakepseare on the Saskatchewan at the forefront of professional theatre in Saskatchewan, a provincial treasure we are proud to show-off to thousands of visitors every summer.

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