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    Puppet Blog - Body Parts

    By: Kristi Friday and Crispi Lord
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    Hey Everyone,

    Kristi and Crispi here from Stumped Productions.  Welcome to our blog on the the design and build process for Titus A. puppet revenge, our partnership with Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan for their 2018 season.  We have been working on the design and prototypes for the table top puppets for the past two years.  This month we hit the ground running and have been hard at work in a number of areas!

    To build the full cast of characters for Titus, Stumped has designed 44 separate puppets.  There may not be that many characters in the play but once the show opens there is no room for a cast member to fall apart!  Some puppets have duplicates so they can change clothes with ease or perhaps be decapitated - you will have to see the show to find out the fate of them all ;)  Each of the 44 puppets have 15 separate body parts.  Each of these parts has been painstakingly sculpted in clay and cast into molds for replication.  The molds are then filled with an epoxy resin that hardens and is sanded down and finished by hand painting and sealing it.  Some of the body part molds are used in every puppet, some are used in most of the puppets and still other parts have to be sculpted by hand individually for each character.  44 puppets means we are creating 660 puppet parts!  You can see why Stumped is ecstatic to have support from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and extra hands in the workshop this month- We were delighted to have Shelby Lynn Lowe and Sarah Grummet roll up their sleeves and help us build for 12 days!  The process doesn't stop there though - costumes and wigs are next in the design process and we have begun to assemble togas, armour, dresses, tiny soul patches and of course 88 roman sandals for 3-inch feet!  Each part of this process is labour intensive as every element of the show is crafted by hand (and every hand in the show is crafted!)… Stay tuned for more building info! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more pictures and videos of the build.

    In the meantime- mark your calendars- Stumped Productions is holding a Puppet Slam Fundraiser for our Titus Puppet Build at the Refinery on February 10th and 11th at 8pm. As part of the Puppet Slam we have been working with artists in the Saskatoon community on their own puppet creations. These artists are putting together 5-minute puppet plays (works in progress), and we are meeting with them to dramaturge the pieces and discuss possible puppet designs for their show! Stumped will be presenting a Staged Reading of a Titus scene at our Puppet Slam-  with some of the cast members and a few Titus puppets! This staged reading is made possible through the Stumped SAB grant giving us the opportunity to have a 2-day workshop with actors, puppets, and text, to play around with some of the possibilities of puppets performing Shakespeare. So, come to the Puppet Slam to support local puppeteers, the Titus Build, and get a small taste of Titus A. puppet revenge (and then come to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan this summer to see how much it has evolved)!


    Puppet Slam info:

    Dates and Times: February 10th at 8pm and February 11th at 8pm

    Location: The Refinery 609 Dufferin Ave

    Tickets: $20 for Students/ Artists/ Puppeteers and $25 for General. Tickets can be bought online at or at the door. 

    NOTE: All puppet plays at the Puppet Slam are for ADULTS ONLY. Mature content, language, and possible puppet nudity.

    We look forward to sharing future blogs with you on our Titus Build in the weeks to come!

    Kristi Friday and Crispi Lord

    Stumped Productions

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