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    Directing Team for 2018

    By: Alan Long
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    People often ask me "Once the season is over, what do you guys do all winter?  Is your job year-round?"  It is a bit more relaxed here in the off-season for sure, but grant reporting, fundraising and season planning tend to keep us from getting bored for too long.  As we wrap up those season reports and get the records ready for the annual audit, now begins one of my favourite parts of the year: Super Duper Often Agonizing Big Time Decision Time at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. From now until Christmas break Artistic Producer guy Will Brooks is pacing back and forth, bouncing ideas off the walls and the staff, calling his artistic advisory committee, going for coffee, and just generally losing sleep and driving us all crazy.  We have a really excellent problem in Saskatchewan - too much talent.  Anyway, it is a lot of fun to be a part of this great company and to see which great people will be on the creative team for the next season.  And what a season!!  3 plays all occuring on the site, and one is all puppets!  The first and most important decision is who will lead this team, and for 2018 we will have two more first time directors for SOTS on the main stage.

    We will once again have a feature comedy and tragedy on the main stage, and the third puppet production will be located on a special secret 3rd stage right on the festival site.  Artistic Producer Will Brooks will not direct on the main stage next season, but will focus his talents on this exciting third offering Titus A… puppet revenge.  Will has been working behind the scenes for some time now with creative collaborator Stumped Productions, and is excited to work with Kristi Friday and Crispi Lord to bring this 1st ever full length, adult orientated puppet show for our audiences.  Check out Kristi and Crispi's bios now up on the website - they've actually been working on the idea of Titus with puppets since 2001!

    That leaves our feature productions open for two artists to make their directing debuts with the company.  The tragedy of Hamlet will be directed by Kelli Fox, a well respected Canadian director with a long resume.  We are happy to be able to pull her away from her Artistic Associate duties with the Globe Theatre in Regina for a brief time to once again share her talents with Saskatoon.  Our comedy in 2018, the lavish and witty The Merry Wives of Windsor, will be directed by Greg Ochitwa, a long time actor in our company who also has an impressive directing resume. 

    We are beyond excited to have such a diverse team of creators and collaborators in place as we begin our extensive audition and casting process to put a strong team of 15 Saskatchewan actors on our stage for 2018.  Kristi Friday will be our lead puppeteer for Titus, and will appear in that production alone.  The remaining 14 actors will bring a truly epic production of The Merry Wives of Windsor to the stage and this cast will be split in two for Hamlet (9 actors) and Titus A… puppet revenge (5 actors).  It will be a unique challenge for some as they venture into puppetry, and we look forward to seeing the great creative ideas they will bring to the process.  Emerging artist auditions begin October 18, followed by general auditions on October 27, (submissions for both now closed) with final casting in November & December.  Stay tuned for an announcement of the full creative team in early 2018.

    Whew!  So lots of exciting work ahead as we do our best to bring the best possible team together to make 2018 another summer to remember.

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