• 21Apr

    Changes on the Horizon

    By: Will Brooks
    Category: In the News

    There is a season for everything…

    For everything there comes a time…

    Every goodbye is a new hello…

    All good things come to an end…

    I struggle to come up with a platitude or a quote that can start this missive in the right way to encapsulate the way it feels to begin the end.  I even (of course) looked to old Willy’s words and came up empty handed.  At the end of the day, I am writing to tell you, our valued SOTS family, that the time has come for me to plot out the end of my tenure as part of the SOTS leadership team.  At the end of my current contract, which ends November 2021, I will not be seeking another term.  It is sad – I know.  There is so much good on the horizon for this company and as much as I would love to be in a leadership chair as we see these opportunities turn to reality, all things point to this being the right time for the company and for myself for change.

    For myself I am moving on for personal reasons and don’t really know what is next for me – I look forward to spending more time with my son and my partner.  I look forward to celebrating what the team has accomplished in what feels like a short time but will actually be eight wonderful summers.  I have been so very fortunate to be involved with a team that was willing to take on the monumental tasks that they did, and I look forward to thanking many of you between now and November.  I thought about highlighting the tasks we have accomplished in this note, but the list quickly became far longer than the space available.  I do look forward to reminiscing about them with you over the coming months and hearing what resonated with you and what excites you about the next era for this great organization.

    For SOTS these are wonderful and exciting times full of change and potential.  This summer we hope to finally have people in the seats watching Shakespeare in the new space to begin the next era in earnest.  With the world the way it is, all of us are facing so very many questions about what’s next and SOTS is no different.  However, I do know we are in a fantastic position to head into the future both artistically and financially.  This company can be a leader yet again and I can’t wait to watch it happen from a new vantage point.  I will be here to help in any way I can but now is the time for new, fresh, exciting leadership to take those reigns alongside Melanie in her new General Manager position.  With the community that is built around this company I have absolutely no doubt that the future is bright.  I don’t know who will be sitting in this chair a year from now but I am hopeful that it will be someone who brings a perspective and lived experience that is fresh, exciting, and something that SOTS has not had in the past.

    As you may know, we recently engaged in a process to hire a Co-AD to partner with me in the artistic direction of the company.  While that process did not ultimately end in a hire, it allowed us to learn a great deal about our company and our theatre community, and this valuable information will undoubtedly feed into how the board approaches the hiring of new artistic direction.  At the moment the board is working to reassess that process and to have a fresh look at where we are headed.  This will help the company find the best leadership structure, to open up the accessibility of SOTS, and to design a new process that will allow a diverse range of potential new leaders.  These are exciting times for SOTS and the theatre industry as a whole, and I think we have an opportunity to do great things here in our amazing and talented Saskatchewan theatre community.

    I am proud of the position I will be leaving the company in and rest assured – the future is very bright.



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  • Karen Hayward - Apr/16/2021

    This is sad news for the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival, and exciting news for you Will. You have been an incredible leader for the Festival, helping to showcase Shakespeare in contemporary ways, taking risks and challenging all of us to see the Bard in new and amazing ways. And you have done this by inviting those new to Shakespeare and those with a like passion to share in the Bard's message - still so very relevant in today's complex world. You have inspired, engaged, and championed the festival - and the people that make it possible each year: actors, directors, production crew; staff and marketing folks and board members too. Thank you for all you have done, and I look forward to seeing where you land next and the start of your new adventure.

  • Mark von Eschen - Apr/13/2021

    Wow Will - you have done a great job!!! Congratulations on your very many achievements. You Rock!!!

  • Lorne and Helen Armstrong - Apr/13/2021

    Thank you for all you have done for SOTS! We loved watching you act, and are impressed by the work done under your leadership. All the Best!

  • Alan Long - Apr/13/2021

    It has been a unique pleasure to work with you these last 5 plus years - time flies! Looking forward to what is next for Will Brooks, but I know it will just be more great things for the Saskatoon theatre community.

  • Angie Fergusson - Apr/13/2021

    Will, I am sad for SoTS, and happy for you. As a previous Treasurer of the Board, working with you was such a good experience. You are a unique individual - - great skills both artistically and administratively. You were clear in your vision for the organization, and were true to your values. Thank you for all you have done. I know you will find another opportunity, but we will miss you!

  • Madeleine Dahlem - Apr/13/2021

    You have been a very personable warm presence on the site. Best of luck with your future.


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