• 17May

    Cameco Northern Tour

    By: Angela Christie
    Category: In the News

    A huge thank you to Cameco for organizing and funding last week's trip, and for lending us the magnificent Carla Delgado, who did an amazing job of taking care of us - it was a rare treat for me to be able to give up some control and responsibility. Also, a big thank you to the staff and students at Dene High School in LaLoche, Twin Lakes Community School in Buffalo Narrows, and Charlebois Community School in Cumberland House for welcoming us and participating 100%! Last week marked the end of #shakespearesasklive 2017, and what a way to go out. After a 3 week hiatus, it was nice to be able to brush off these fun little workshops, and with Jenna Berenbaun replacing Anna Mazurik, it was also bitter sweet. So what's next for #shakespearesasklive? Well, we'd all love to do it again, and there are so many schools that we weren't able to reach, but with the recent elimination of the Saskatchewan Arts Board's Culture on the Go fund, it just may not be possible. But we remain optimistic that something else will come along! So, keep your eyes and ears open for #shakespearesasklive 2018 - coming to a community near you!



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