Heather and David Foundation


Heather Ryan and David Dube are pleased to support our apprenticeship program for emerging artists and early career artists at the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival that are current students or recent graduates of the University of Saskatchewan’s Drama Department.  These and other emerging artists in our 2018 season are also supported by the RBC Foundation Emerging Artist Program.  This four way partnership involves four apprentice artists including current U of S Drama Department students:

Mackenzie Dawson: Actor in Titus and The Merry Wives of Windsor

Rory Jewiss: Assistant Head of Wardrobe

Morgan Murphy: Apprentice Stage Manager in all three shows

and recent U of S Drama Department graduate:

Sarah Grummett: Assistant Director/Shadow Puppet Builder/Projection Design for Titus.

Since establishing their foundation in 2006, Heather and David have contributed to many Saskatchewan charitable organizations in areas of need and that match their passions. The couple has deep ties to the University of Saskatchewan and a long list of philanthropic contributions to initiatives that benefit students and graduates as they pursue their chosen profession.