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Donating to the Festival: 

Thank you from Ed, Will, Alan and Kristi!

Reliance on public funding is shrinking, and even when our box office is extremely successful, it can only bring in between 50-65% of the revenues required to operate an accessible and affordable professional summer theatre festival. We must therefore rely on private contributions from people who value such a theatre.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged with a tax receipt if desired. Donations above $50 will be recognized here and in our festival program.  Scroll down to see these amazing supporters for 2017!

By donating to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, you are contributing not only to the success of our company, but also to the continuation of the Arts in Saskatoon.

Canada Helps is Canada's largest online donation processor, and as a non-profit entity itself, is able to provide lower processing fees for charitable donations. Tax receipts are automatically sent to your email address, and the donation will be automatically transferred to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, which saves us on administrative costs as well. Canada Helps makes it easier for Canadians to donate by credit card, donate by paypal, set up monthly donations, and donate securities/mutual funds to avoid the capital gains tax. 

You can also do single donations through the new PayPal Giving Fund.  You are also emailed a receipt immediately, and through this link there are no fees!

To can also make an online donation to our festival through our Canada Helps Page.  From here, you can select either a one-time donation, monthly donation, or a donation of securities/mutual funds. 

To learn more about the benefits of donating securities, check out this Canada Helps articleThe easiest and best way to donate securities with minimal fees is to put your broker in direct contact with Artistic Producer Will Brooks at 306-653-2300 or email:

There are two other ways to donate:

  1. By phone at 306-653-2300
  2. By printing and completing this donation form and sending it to us via email or regular mail: Melanie Rogowski, Operations Manager  215-401 33rd St. West, Saskatoon, SK S7L 0V5

“I can no other answer make but thanks
And thanks, and ever thanks;”
(Twelfth Night, Act III, Sc. iii)

2017 Donors


Janet Hill and Dave Palmer

Jerry & Tina Grandey




Don & Della Greer

Eric Cline Q.C

Henry & Cheryl Kloppenburg

Larry & Irene Seiferling

Our Lady of the Prairies Foundation

William & Suzanne Dust



C L Seed

David Edney Fund for Theatre

David Marriott & Janice Storeshaw

Doug W. Daniels

Drs. Isobel & Len Findlay

Gordon and Betty Bray Fund

James Cook and Dan Unrau



Beverly J. Johnson

Bonnie & Mike Furi

David Shields

Dr. Renee Kennedy Medical Services Prof. Corp.

Gail Osachoff & Paul Denham

James Cook & Dan Unrau

Janice & Kishore Visvanathan

Karen Hayward

Kelly McShane

Larry Wiser

Marcy Green Olm

Rick Ewen

Thelma Howard



Anne M. Sawchuk

Arlene & Robert Klassen

Barbara & James Morrison

Bob & Shannon Johnson

Bruce Kleiter

Carol Copeland

David Edney

Debbie Pasloski

Dennis Deminchuk

Dennis Kowal

Don & Norma Gendzwill

E. Barbara Ens

Eileen Heinen

Eleanor Cardoza

Elizabeth Cook

George & Sheila Carson

Greg & Carol Starrak

In Memory of Clinton

In memory of Janet Wright

Jeannette Heinen

Jerry & Norine Demeria

Karen Sandell

Kathy & Kent Allen

Kathy Grant

Ken & Margareth Peterson

Linda Mann

Lloyd & Heather Rowson

Lyn Goldman

Lynn Adamson

Mark Gryba

Mary Leggett

Maureen & Bob Shebelski

Natal & David Laycock

Robert & Lura Mae Sider

Robert P & Margaret Sanche

Shirley & Lloyd Widenmaier

Susan Halferdahl

Susan Sumner

Sylvia & David Myall

Tara Zrymiak

Thirza Smith & Michael Cavanaugh

Wendy Roy & Garth Cantrill

Will Brooks

Linda J. Mann

Dennis F. Rusinak

Sandra L. Polvi

Eunice E. Koehler

Doug Maurer

Laurel A. Ayerst

Shirley E. Haines

Darliene Thompson

Moira Day

Alan Deschner and Susan Whiting

Garnet V. Packota

Elisabeth Foucault & Paul Salisbury

Jean & Ron Morrison

Ward Kewley

William Wardell

Jeannette Heinen

Brian A O'Hara & Family

Anne Dooley

Brent Nelson

Carol & Lyle Minogue

David Edney Fund

James Lawson

John Botari & Carolyn Kroeger

Kelly & Fern Stockdale Winder

Michael Cavanaugh & Thirza Smith

Sandra Beardsall & Bill Richards

Tim Hutchinson



Robert W. Schuenemann

Anne Marie Moulin

Cindy Toutloff

Claire Card

Cliff Wheatley

Deanna Gruending

Dennis Beerling

Donna S Rooney

Edward & Katherine Smith

Erin Lang

Ev Long

Gail & Owen Mitchell

Gerry & Dineke Kraay

Harris & Dianne May

In Memory of Gunter Weiner

Jerome S. Nicol

Kelly & Adrienne Gallagher

Marcel and Alison de la Gorgendiere

Noel & Margaret Lowry

Peggy Sarjeant

Sean Polreis & Andrea Book

Sharla M Daviduik

Susan Parkin

Meredith Dunham and Adam Heavin

Jana M. Lalach

Scott Bell

Anna M. Pacik

Helen Todd and Lorne Armstrong

Lewis Heuchert

James and Nicole Kornelson

Lise deMoissac

Chris Yungmann

Mike Paynter

Joan P. Bell

Norm and Joanne Boyes

Myrna Hewitt and Bill Davies

Gerard & Dianne Woloschuk

Wenda McArthur

Debbie M. LaPointe

Kenneth Fox

Della Hill

Jennifer Harland

Marlene Cyr

Meghan & Chris Boychuk

Robert T. Bellamy

Sarah M Buhler & Charlie D Clark

Sylva Jurney

Angie Fergusson




  • Vic DuboisChair
  • Carlynn BlockVice-Chair
  • Colin TaylorTreasurer
  • Dawn MannSecretary


  • Nan Lee
  • Sheldon Born
  • Julia Ewing
  • Leslie Fenyes
  • Della Marshall
  • Corinne McKay
  • Peter Robinson

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