Accessibility & Parking

Welcome to our theatre company Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan located at 948 Spadina Crescent East. Our goal is to make Shakespeare accessible to all. This page can be beneficial to individuals with mobility and hearing concerns as well as those with developmental conditions and other people with differently abled bodies. This page includes potential trigger warnings about our ongoing plays, a character breakdown sheet, mobility accessibility information, information about our upcoming ASL performances, ways to reach our site, and a description of the site and additional pavilions. If you do not find the information you were looking for or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 603-653-2300 as we are more than happy to help. 


Macbeth: More info to come!

The Tempest: More info to come!

ASL Performances

More info to come!

Director’s Vision

More info to come!

Character Guide

More info to come!


Currently Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan has two seats available to accommodate wheelchair users per performance. Our current setup has a fine dust courtyard which is navigable for most wheelchair users. This pathway is raked daily to ensure sufficient access, however people in wheelchairs may require assistance in some areas.  Currently if you need to get closer to our site to drop someone off, we ask that you call us a day or two in advance. This is because our staff or our volunteers will be required to meet you near the pathway at the last parking lot to do this safely. We are currently working on making our site more accessible alongside our 2020 renovations.

Emotional Support Animals and Guide Animals are allowed at our shows. If you have any questions or accommodations needed to support your visit please call our box office at 306-652-9100 which opens June 12 or ask a Front of House Manager at the show.

Check back for future information on ASL performances. This performance is open to all our patrons but can be especially beneficial for people who are members of the Deaf community or are hard of hearing.

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is not a scent free environment. Individuals with allergies or scent sensitivities may wish to contact the Front of House Staff should the need to move arise.

How to get to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan


We are located along the Meewasin Trail at 948 Spadina Crescent East along the riverbank. We are a mere 15 minute walk along Meewasin Trail from Saskatoon’s historic Bessborough Hotel.


Center Mall: From the Center Mall Terminal it is a short 4 minute walk to the Bus Stop by JYSK. From there you board the number 8 bus and get off 22 stops later at 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street. Our Site can be reached from there by a 15 minute walk to our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East. There are many options to return to Center Mall after the show. One option to get home is to walk 15 minutes to the Downtown Terminal West. Once there you will board either bus 81, 82, or 86. 21 stops later you will get off at the 8th Street Bus stop at Indigo Books.

Midtown Plaza: From the Midtown Plaza take a 2 minute walk to 22nd Street/Auditorium stop and board the 65 to the University via the City Center. Get off at the 9th stop at 25th Street/Spadina and walk for 6 minutes to our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East. There are many different routes you can take to get home. One option is to walk back to 25th Street/Spadina and ride either the 60 or 65 bus. 8 stops later you will get off at 22nd Street/Pacific. From there it is a short 3 minute walk back to Midtown Plaza.

Confederation Mall: From the Confederation Mall it is a quick 2 minute walk to the nearby Superstore on Confederation Drive. From there you can board either the 60 or 65 route bus. 17 stops later you will get off the bus at 25th Street/Spadina. From there it is a 6 minute walk to our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East.

Lawson Heights Mall: You will start your journey by walking to the Lawson Terminal which is a 3 minute walk from the mall. Once you are there you can take either route 12, 30, or 35. You will get off the bus at 3rd Avenue/24th Street. From there it is a 12 minute walk to our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East. Returning home after the show is simple. Simply walk from our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East back to 3rd Avenue/24th Street which should take 12 minutes. There you can board bus 30 or 35 and arrive at the Lawson Terminal. Take a 3 minute walk and you will find yourself back at Lawson Heights Mall.

University Place Riel: Route 6, 60, and 65 all can be used to reach our theatre. After you get off the bus at 25th Street/Spadina and walk for 6 minutes to our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East. To get home after the show walk back to 25th Street/Spadina. Every five minutes a bus will arrive that can take you back to the university Place Riel Terminal. The busses you can take are the 6, 43, 44, 45, 60, or the 65.

Idylwld/33rd Street: From the Idylwld and 33rd stop you can board either bus 7, 30, or 35. Make sure to request a transfer paper when you get on the bus if you are paying with coins rather than a bus pass as you will be taking another bus afterwards. 5 stops later you will get off at 3rd Avenue/23rd Street. From there take a 1 minute walk to Downtown Terminal East 2. From there take bus 5 or 808. 2 stops later get off the bus at 24th Street/6th Avenue. Then take a 6 minute walk to our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East. To return home after the show walk 6 minutes from our location at 948 Spadina Crescent East to 25th Street/Spadina. Once there take bus 4 to the Downtown Terminal North. Once there take the 7 Dundonald Bus. 5 stops later you will get off the bus at 33rd Street/Idylwld.

For additional bus route information go to Google Transit and enter in 948 Spadina Crescent East as your destination.


There are a few different places you can park at the festival:

-The City Hospital Staff Parking lot located on Queen Street. Enter where you see our sandwich board sign.

-The two parking lots located next to the Festival Site

-The Kinsmen Park parking lot next to the YWCA building

-The Nutrien Playland parking area

City Hospital's parking lot will be the easiest option for parking, as the lot is available for our patrons after 6:00pm and has enough spots to accommodate most festival patrons. The other three options tend to fill up fast with Nutrien Playland's popularity, so be sure to check City Hospital first before moving on to another option.


Our Site

Our 2019 Site will be receiving a face lift in time for our 2020 performances, so now is the time to say goodbye to the old set up in order to pave the way for the new. It can get a bit busy and noisy prior to a show as our lobby area is filled with people ready to see the show. This same noise level is often present during the intermission of the play and after the play is finished. If you are hypersensitive to noise and crowds, you may wish to stay seated during the intermission instead of exiting the theatre and wait a few minutes for the theatre to empty our before leaving. If back pain is an issue we do provide extra cushioning on our seats for all patrons who request it. To get the cushion simply ask one of our ushers as you are guided to your seat. We do request that all patrons remain seated for the duration of the play; however, we do recognize that this is not possible for everyone. If you foresee needing to enter and exit the theatre during the performance we recommend purchasing a ticket in the sections which are located near our amphitheatre exits. Please only exit and enter the amphitheatre from these aisles while the play is in performance. Additionally, each performance contains an intermission. During this time we highly encourage patrons to get up and leave the amphitheater as needed.


The bathrooms at Kinsmen Park are just across the Meewasin Pathway from our main courtyard area.

Refreshments: We have food and drink available for sale as well as Shakespeare themed merchandise such as t-shirts designed by Good Tickle Brain and paper fans. We accept payments in cash, credit, or debit. Refreshments can be found at our very own Sir Toby’s Tavern located directly across from our main tent. Sir Toby’s tavern is open to playgoers and passersby alike. You don’t need a play ticket to enjoy the tavern. Sir Toby’s opens at 5pm and closes after our mainstage intermission. Sir Toby’s Tavern serves both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks as well as traditional concession style snack foods all from Black Bridge Brewery, Crossmount Cider, Jerry’s Food Emporium, Colony’s Coffee, and Nestor’s Bakery.

Next to Sir Toby’s Tavern is a shaded seating area which is wheelchair accessible. We recommend taking some time to relax here and enjoy the stupendous river view. Boryski’s Butcher Shop also has a food truck on site which sells full meals for around $10. Here is a link to the menu for the food truck if you would like to plan your meal ahead. They even offer vegan snacks! The other merchandise is available at the stand in our outdoor plaza area.

Community Series

Our Community Series hosts fantastic and free entertainment that runs most nights of our festival. These performances are open to playgoers and the general public. Performances are 12:15pm-12:45pm for our matinees and 6:45pm-7:15pm for our evening performances. Entertainment ranges from dance, musical performances, magic shows, literary readings, cultural events etc. For up to date information on our Community Stage and its program check out the link here. As always patrons with questions or concerns are encouraged to call ahead to find out more about these performances.


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