19 Jul

Free Flow Dance Theatre

Date : JUL 19, 2019

Time : 06:45pm

Dancers pictured: Rachel Saufert, Kyle Syverson, Miriam Edghill. Photo credit Ken Greenhorn.

Free Flow Dance - Endeavouring to advance dance as an accessible art that can be appreciated, experienced and enjoyed by everyone. 

            Free Flow is a leading edge, not for profit, charitable, Canadian Dance Company known for its innovative and risk-taking modern choreography.  The driving philosophy behind the company's projects is that dance should be accessible to people of all ages and interests. Founded in 1995 the company is currently celebrating its 24th year.  

The Atlas Figment exists in a surrealist dream-like state. You are invited to interpret the images and symbolism in a personal way as you would a dream upon waking.

Cast members for The Atlas Figment include Artistic Director/Choreographer Jackie Latendresse and dancers Rachel Saufert, Kyle Syverson and Miriam Edghill. Music composed and recorded by Cliff Burns.  

Free Flow Dance Theatre was founded in 1995 in Ontario and relocated to Saskatchewan where they have found a home in Saskatoon for the past 15 years. The company presents edgy new work alongside of their community-based programming. Free Flow would like to thank Patricia Dewer for her mentorship of The Atlas Figment during the W.I.P. New Dance Series.


Musician: Cliff Burns has been a professional writer for over thirty years, with eleven full-length books and numerous magazine and anthology appearances to his credit. As well as an extensive body of written work, he has also created various visual pieces, short films, and occasionally turns his hand at concocting weird, spacey, electronic music. You can find out more by visiting his online blog, Beautiful Desolation.




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