Paul Schultz


Previously at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan: Love’s Labour’s Lost (Don Adriano De Armado) & The Winter’s Tale (Polixeness) 2011; Julius Caesar  (Marullus & Casca) & Twelfth Night (Sir Andrew Aguecheek) 2007; Macbeth (Angus) & Much Ado About Nothing (Borrachio) 2004; Measure for Measure (Angelo) & As You Like It (Oliver) 2003; Hamlet (Laertes) & The Alchemist (Sir Epicure Mammon) 2002; The Winter’s Tale (Camillo & A Goaler) & Richard III (Duke of Buckingham & King Henry VI) 2000; Merchant of Venice (Bassanio) & Taming of the Shrew (Lucentio) 1998; King Lear (Duke of Albany & Cornwall’s Henchmen) & Twelfth Night (Curio) 1996; The White Devil (Camillo) & Much Ado About Nothing (Conrade) 1993.

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