Jenna Berenbaum


Previously at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan: As You Like It (Seigneur, Char, Jaqueline & Sir Oliver Martext) & The Comedy of Errors (Dromio of Syracuse & Messenger) 2019; Merry Wives (Fairy, Mrs. Quickly) & Titus (Puppeteer) 2018; A Midsummer Night's Dream (Mustardseed & Snug) 2016;  J. Caesar (Casca) 2016.

A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Jenna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. Previous works at Shakespeare include J. Caesar, Midsummer, Titus. A puppet revenge, Merry Wives of Windsor (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan). Other works, The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh (Persephone Youth Tour), I and You (Globe Theatre), Jack and the Snow Queen (Dancing Sky Theatre), and Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island (Persephone Theatre). You can see her at Live Five this upcoming season is The Wolves (Little Big Theatre and Evil Stick Productions). Jenna is also a playwright and her show The Watch will be at the Saskatoon Fringe this August. This is her third year with the festival and she is thrilled to be back on her favourite summer stage. Enjoy!

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