Carol Greyeyes


Previously at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan: Merry Wives (Fairy, Host and Pistol) & Titus (Puppeteer) 2018.

Carol Greyeyes is an actor, writer, educator and member of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation. She is thrilled to join the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan theatre tribe in the tent for a summer of fun, poetry, and puppets.

Carol has directed and taught in theatres all over Canada and the USA and acted in film, television, radio, and on the stage. Carol was last seen performing as the “Narrator” in Raven Steals the Light with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, and “Bernice” in The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble for Persephone Theatre. This spring, she directed Spirit Wrestler for Greystone Theatre on the University of Saskatchewan.

Kiyas, kiyas [Cree for “long ago”] Carol performed Shakespeare’s Sonnet 64 in the SOTS tent when Henry Woolf was the Artistic Director (that really is kiyas, kiyas!). She is delighted to be back and sincerely thanks all the SOTS company members, the volunteers, funders, cast and crew for their commitment, generosity and passion--- “kinanâskomitinâwâw; kisâkihitinâwâw”

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